Introducing Oxynger KeyShield 2

Free Secure Virtual Keyboard to protect your important passwords

The Other Half of Password Security

Password security is not just about using a strong password, it is also about entering the password securely. There is no built-in protection for your key presses even if you are entering a password. There are malicious programs called keyloggers that can record everything you type on a keyboard including passwords. Antivirus security is not enough to get the right security for your important passwords. Even if you use a password manager to protect your passwords, you need to manually enter a master password.

Secure Virtual Keyboard to enter important Passwords

Oxynger KeyShield is a free secure virtual keyboard for Windows to enter passwords and other confidential information to get protection from malicious programs known as keyloggers. Oxynger KeyShield protects its keystrokes from keystroke logging, screen logging, mouse logging, clipboard logging and shoulder surfing. Oxynger KeyShield is an essential security tool for protecting high-stakes passwords such as master password, online bank password or cryptocurrency wallet password.

The World's Best Keystroke Logging Protection

Oxynger KeyShield provides the world's best protection from keylogging. It is 100% protected against hook based, API based, kernel/driver based and hardware keyloggers. Ordinary anti-keyloggers only protect from some type software keyloggers. But Oxynger KeyShield protect its keystrokes from software and hardware keyloggers.

The World's Best Screen Capture Protection

Oxynger KeyShield is protected from making its screenshots or video. Many modern keyloggers are able to capture screens while entering passwords using a virtual keyboard. Screen capture protection of Oxynger KeyShield is currently the world's best. It prevents taking its screenshot using screen logging programs and windows print screen function. It is also protected from video recording programs.

Extreme Privacy

No Internet connectivity Policy

  • Oxynger KeyShield has no internet connectivity - Does not send or receive data to/from internet
  • We omitted update component to keep our no internet connectivity policy.
  • No account needed to use the app

No Analytics Policy

  • No analytics inside the app - We do not track user behaviour while using the app
  • No text prediction feature in the app to keep our no analytics policy.